I'm Deb Timmerman, stress consultant, speaker, trainer, and resilience mentor.

I help individuals and teams thrive in the face of change, challenge, and stress.

About Deb

My deep dive into stress education started more than 10 years ago after toppling head over heels down an entire flight of stairs resulting in a closed head injury, broken collar bone, separated shoulder, and mega soft tissue injury to my left hip.

Until the fall, I was a typical middle-aged – medical model RN managing a small nursing home, taking a well-deserved vacation with friends. I thought my health was good, despite being very overweight and taking daily meds for lifestyle diseases; Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis, and thyroid issues.

The truth is, I was a stressed out, burned-out mess. I worked too much, had an exhaustingly long commute, was in an unhealthy marriage, and had huge challenges with my teen-aged son. I used a lot of energy trying to keep everyone else happy and all the plates spinning. My mind was in a constant state of analysis, and I fell because I was pre-occupied and not paying attention to my surroundings.

Three months later, I was unable to count back change for simple money transactions and started to develop tendencies of becoming chronically ill, as I struggled with incredible vertigo, mobility, and cognitive challenges. Pain pills and muscle relaxers just zoned me out, and barely took the edge off my pain. Desperate to find a pain management solution and avoid disability, I began exploring options. Someone shared the idea of healing using mind-body practices, so I began exploring and never looked back. Now, I am a speaker, teacher and change-agent, helping others short-cut their journey to optimal performance. Move from stressed to your best in just minutes a day.

My Services


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood. They can include violence, abuse, and household dysfunction. Toxic stress from ACEs can change brain development and affect how the body responds to stress. ACEs are linked to chronic health problems, mental illness, and substance misuse, in adulthood. ACEs can be prevented through shared learning, leadership expansion, and community capacity development. Deb is a Certified MI ACE Master Trainer and speaks on the following topics:

ACE 101: Understanding how trauma and adversity impacts health and behavior.

ACE 102: NEAR Science: Neurobiology, epigenetics, ACES and resilience.

ACE 103: Uniting people, organizations, systems and communities through ACE Science.

Trauma informed business practices: Creating a safe, connected and emotionally regulated culture.  For more information on Trauma Informed Care, click here.


Poor stress-management skills result in cyclical patterns of behavior that can be damaging to self, relationships, and workplace culture.

In this time of rapid change and challenge, a tool box of skills is critical for preserving energy and decision capabilities.

My workshops teach you how to build the capacity to be your best in any situation.

Be mission ready, whatever your mission is.

  • Resilience Advantage Program
  • Activating the Heart of Teams


Change Agent.

Doing the same old thing, gets you the same old results. Engage in a coaching and mentoring program to build intelligent energy management capabilities and emotional intelligence. Small steps yield big results over time and habits that sustain you for the long haul.

Achieve the outcomes you desire, with more resilience and less stress in life in 15 minutes or less a day.

What Clients Say

We at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids have been very fortunate to work with Deb over the past year. Her work on stress/anxiety regulations and resilience is fantastic. It's very straightforward and conceptually simple to grasp, but the effects are profound, both for our staff and for the children we serve. Both groups possess many classic effects of ACEs, and Deb's work is very helpful in mitigating those effects, and in building resiliency. This has been particularly crucial during the pandemic. Perhaps most importantly, Deb's warmth, empathy and genuine enthusiasm for her work and for others makes her an incredibly effective facilitator and champion of mental health self-care. Concepts like "heart-centered breathing" can be a tough sell for some people. But, in my experience, Deb is able to fairly quickly overcome hesitancy, fear and doubt, and establish trust and acceptance. Patrick Placzkowski, CEO Boys and Girls Clubs, Grand Rapids, MI

"Deb is a compassionate listener who holds space for you to find your answers in life. She asks powerful questions, inspires you and supports as she impart wisdom and tools and skills to bring meaning to your life." Suzy Manning, Phoenix, AZ

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